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Monday, August 11, 2014

OR Summer 14: Sigvaris Sports Compression- Light with True Graduated Compression

Sigvaris is a 150 year old Swiss company specialized in medical compression garments. They have been in medical compression for over 50 years. Medical compression garments are used for varicose veins, DVT, maternity, diabetes, leg ulcers, etc... In recent years compression garments and especially leg sleeves/socks and shorts have become popular in endurance sports.
Sigvaris says:

 Athletes who wear SIGVARIS SPORTS products will benefit from:
- Increased circulation
- Improved blood flow through the veins
- Increased oxygen to the muscle tissue
- Less lactic acid buildup in the legs during exercise
- Reduced exercise-induced muscle soreness in the legs

I have used a number of compression products over the last several years, primarily calf compression sleeves,  including the first I found on the market CEP, then Zanesh, Salomon, SmartWool and more recently CEP again. While I am not sure about the performance benefits of improved circulation, improved blood flow and oxygen and less lactic acid build up I am pretty sure, that at least for me that with compression:
  • I have less exercise induced soreness after wearing sleeves 
  • My legs feel more aligned in the direction of travel
  • I am quite sure they  help reduce calf cramps in long events by stabilizing the muscles, reducing vibration and preventing nerves from twitching into cramps. According to this article in Competitor quoting Prof. Schwellnus of the University of Cape Town “The mechanism for muscle fatigue and muscle damage causing cramping is best explained through an imbalance that develops in the nervous system control of muscle. Muscles tend to become very twitchy when they become fatigued or are injured,” said Schwellnus. "
The issue with calf sleeves  has been one of comfort for me. Zanesh was too thick and hot and while the latest CEP are fine, I keep looking for thinner and more comfortable options.

Found what I was looking for at Outdoor Retailer from Sigvaris .

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Dominique Guest Post: Pakems -- Fun Apres Sport Footwear - WaterResistant and Packable

With thousands of exhibitors and 200 new exhibitors each year at the Outdoor Retailer Show, it can be a challenge for new product lines to stand out and catch the attention of the passerby.  Pakems caught my eye. They are lightweight, water resistant and packable footwear meant to be worn after/apr├Ęs a sport activity, such as hiking and skiing.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 14: Skechers GOmeb Speed 3- I Ran in Meb's Boston Winning Shoe!

Well I ran a minute or so on a treadmill at the Skechers Performance  booth and found the GOmeb Speed 3 to be one serious snappy racer.  This is the exact shoe that Meb wore to win Boston and the only difference between his shoe and yours will be that they have a special last to exactly fit his foot.
Speed 3 is more shoe than a traditional racing flat with decent race cushioning. The stats are 6.9 oz, 14mm midfoot/18mm heel 4mm drop. This marvel can be for many. including me, a fabulous 5K-Half racer. For the fleet footed and light or flatter courses a sensational and  one would have to say, proven marathon shoe.
Skechers GoMeb Speed 3
Earlier this year after reviewing the GoRun Ride 3 and GoRun Ultra I was tickled pink to be invited to participate in Skechers future models wear testing and feedback program. In addition to Meb, Skechers recently signed Kara Goucher.
While the GoMeb Speed 3 is Meb's shoe I can say that Skechers listens to its middle of the pack testers most closely. I have been amazed by their rapid iteration of changes, their careful listening and responding, and their follow through. It was a thrill to see some of the shoes I tested, and others, almost ready for production for Spring 15 at their booth. Lots of exciting shoes coming from Skechers.

Back to the GOmeb Speed 3 and a comparison to the GOmeb Speed 2 now on the market. First as people will ask the GOmeb Speed 3 will be available sometime in January but... there will be a special NY Marathon available in November.

Seth Hasty, a grassroots coordinator for Skechers Performance and the founder of the Running Shoe Geeks Group on Facebook gave me the tour and compared the Speed 2 to Speed 3. Read on to discover the differences.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Outdoor Retailer Summer 14: Brooks-Launch 2 and Transcend 2

Brooks has a new Launch and an updated Transcend 2. 

Launch 2
9.8 oz New BioMoGo DNA midsole, almost seamless upper, nice toe spring. $100.  Feb. 2015 release.

Transcend 2 
11.9 oz. $170. Updates to upper. Somewhat softer than version 1 according to rep who has run in Versions 1 and 2. Release Jan. 2015.

Guest Post: Dominique Finds the Ideal Exercise Dress at Outdoor Retailer- The Nuu Muu

Thank you Sam for inviting me to post on your blog to talk about a little exercise dress – that comes in black too – which I discovered at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market as I tagged along with you.  
To the readers of Sam’s blog, this still has to do with running, although it won’t make you run faster, but revolutionary exercise dresses from Nuu-Muu are worth talking about.

Nuu-Muu: Poppy Ruu $80

A runner and nordic skier for some 33 years, seasonal biker, once a week tennis player, who does yoga but not enough, and likes to paddle board with her sister-in-law in Maine, I have found the perfect versatile workout dress for all my indoor and outdoor activities.  To the 55+ that I am, the Nuu-Muu exercise dress is indeed revolutionary.

It all started with a postcard mailed to our New Hampshire address, from Bellingham, Washington, where the company Nuu-Muu is located, inviting us to visit booth # PV2036 at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market from August 6th through the 9th.   Mailers still work!  After visiting the Nuu-Muu booth, and trying on the Ruu-Muu pocket, in size medium, my next step was to purchase one, which I did.  (I was offered a discounted promotional price.)  I got the Poppy Ruu above.

The Nuu-Muu line of clothing consists to two different types of exercise dresses: the Nuu -Muu and the Ruu-Muu (the latter has a pocket in the back).  Huggs sleeves are available to mix and match with the Nuu & Ruu dresses, along with the Nuu-Tee, a long sleeve Tee made especially to layer with the dresses.  
Nuu-Muu Sangria with sleeve Huggs

What is outstanding about the dresses are the fit, the “ultra-flattering” look, the colorful prints and patterns, and the feel of wearing such free-spirited exercise wear.  The price reflects the quality and sustainable approach of the product, and Made in USA. The price for the  dresses is $70-$80, $5 shipping. More to come when I get the dress!